SETTING 2016-17

The setting of English classes is affected by a number of different and changing factors each year.

For 2016-17, the following factors have affected class setting:

Year 7
Initial setting led by Maths department.  English adjusted setting to ensure least able pupils are given support in set 5.  Sets 1-3 are mixed ability in terms of English attainment at KS2.  Set 4 pupils will benefit from some additional support.

Year 8
In year 7, sets 1-4 were mixed ability.  Next year, in year eight, pupils in set 4 will receive specific support or alternative provision in English.  Pupils in set 3 will receive some additional support.  Pupils in set 1 or 2 are mixed ability groups and will follow the standard curriculum.

Year 9
Sets 2, 3 and 4 are mixed ability groups.  Pupils in set 1 are the most prolific, successful readers in the school, with the highest reading ages.  Pupils in set 5 will benefit from additional support in literacy.

Year 10
We move from eight sets in year 9 to ten in Year 10, so some set change is very likely.  Pupil setting last year - in year 9 - was affected by the language studied, but this year English lead the setting within the bands.   The maths department lead on R/L band selection.  Within these bands we set according to ability:

  • Sets L1-5 are set by ability based on Y9 assessments
  • Set R1 contains the most able pupils in the R-band based on Y9 assessments
  • Sets R2-4 are mixed ability
  • Set R5 pupils will benefit from additional support