Y11 GCSE English Language revision materials

All pupils in Y11 have been issued with FREE copies of the English Language reading and writing revision booklets , like the ones pictured below:


These booklet contains revision information, practice tasks and mock exam questions.

We recommend that pupils focus on responding to the Review and Practise sections.  The Revise sections at the start can be used as reference when challenged, rather than worked through step-by-step.



This GCSE English qualification is very new – June 2017 is the very first sitting of this exam.  As a result, there are no past papers to share.  However, the exam board (AQA) have provided the following examples of Paper 1 and Paper 2:

GCSE English Language – PAPER 1: AQA-87001-SQP

GCSE English Language  - PAPER 2: AQA-87002-SQP